Best Felling Axe under 100 Dollars and 200 Dollars

Axe is the tool that is used mainly to treat the wood whatever it is dry and moist. Different types of axes are available because every type has its own specification, appearance, and function.

As you know, every professional like carpenter, wood splitter and forester design their hatches and axes according to their requirements because it is a basic need to help everyone who meets with wood.

Felling trees is a task where you can try every type of axe but the felling axe is specially made for them. Having quality material with a sharp blade designed for felling the trees. Every point on axe part plays a vital role to make work efficient. These points would be blade angle, head weight, and handle length during picking the best for you

Best Felling Axe Under 100

The felling axe is designed with a sharp blade and curved handle to felling the trees. Length and curved handle produced the best force to cut down the trees.

Proper training is the best thing before using the axe because some questions raise while felling like how to use axe, how to make the angle between tree and axe, how much degree is required during felling the axe, and how to swing the axe toward the tree. These are all things we would try to cover in the best way.

Besides some technicalities, we also see some other factors during selecting the tool that would be price, requirements, and level of knowledge. If people have less knowledge, then they try to buy some cheap product because our main purpose is to do practice and, in the end, it would be totally useless.

Price is also the main factor during purchasing the axe. Some people don’t have enough money to buy high price tools according to their requirements. They try to engage themselves with low price tools having very many specifications according to their needs. We would try to cover those felling axes that have prices under 100 and 150 dollars with the best possible characteristics according to their requirements. 

Let’s have a look at some of my quality choices that are mentioned below with name and picture but after that, we will try to review every corner of the quality products

Top 4 Best Felling Axes Reviewed

Now here the picture would be cleared by seeing the products that would I review. There are a number of brands and products are available in the market to attract customers.

Only the best products get attraction from the customers. There are different factors you have to keep in mind during selecting the product. I would try my best to help you by choosing the best tool for you

INTERTOOL Mid-Size Felling Axe

Brand name: Intertool

Model: HT-0263

Intertool Mid Size Felling

Key Features
  • Haft material: Fiberglass
  • Head material: High Quality Steel
  • Total length: 22.6
  • Handle length: 20.7
  • Head weight: 2.2
  • Total weight: 3.5
  • Dimension: 2.6 х 7 х 1.2 inches
  • INTERTOOL Mid-Size Felling Axe is a very important tool to resolve any issue regarding camping, landscaping, and wood preparation but is very good for splitting and hewing timber. Every possible thing is added to make the axe effective for work like rubber on the handle, lightweight handle, easy to sharpen steel, and corrosion-free steel

    Weight and Size

    The lightweight handy axe that you can use in and outdoor for any purpose. This tool is very useful during landscaping and gardening. As a handy tool, people can easily carry it in every emergency situation

    Sharpened Steelhead

    Best steel is used for making intertool brands products. Sharpe blade that can easily cut everything by applying force. Forage high-quality carbon steel is used for making the best axe head. Anti-corrosion shockproof coating protects the axe head from any type of rust especially from the hole of the head and the sharp blade of axe.


    Highly hand gripped handle that absorbs the high impact shocks. Griped rubber on the handle stops any slippery action even in wet conditions. A small hole on the end of the handle produces an easy handling feature.

    Chopping Power

    The best swing power of the fiberglass handle produces extra chopping force that can cut every kind of thing. it is the best choice during camping because people use is to cut wood, and for balancing the grass

    • Easy to Handle
    • Low Cost
    • Low Weight
    • Anti-slip Rubberized Coating
    • Durable Fiberglass Handle
    • Not Safe at Standing Position
    • Good for Small Log

    Hults Bruk Atran Felling Axe

    Brand: Hults Bruk

    Model: Atran Felling Axe

    Hults Bruk Atran Felling

    Key Features
  • Haft material: American Hickory Wood
  • Head material: High quality Swedish steel
  • Total length: 32 inches
  • Head weight: 3.5
  • Total weight: 5 lbs
  • Dimension: 33 x 8 x 2 inches
  • Hults Bruk is Sweden based company that prepare many types of axe. They are working since 1697 in hand-making tools. Quality is their main concern. Almost every product is made of the best Swedish steel, but the handle is made of the best hickory wood.

    Five different felling axes is making by the Hult Bruk brand but Hults Bruk Atran felling axe is the best model in term of quality and cost. Every model has its own characteristics like handle length, head pattern, and weight that’s why they vary from each other.

    Why did I choose Atran Felling Axe?

    I choose the Atran model as the other model of Hults Bruk because of its best characteristics and cost prices. These qualities are mentioned below in detail:

    Weight and Size

    The overall weight of Atran is 5 lbs but 3.5 lbs show the head values and 1.5 lbs shows the handle value. This axe has 32-34 inches long with its overall length.


    The Head is the product of clear lacquered ironwork. The head curved shaft is made by the world’s best US-based hickory. The head is made in such a way to retain the sharpness after applying it to multiple things. Multiple striking on the wood increases the durability of this hand tool.


    Hickory wood is used for making strong handles that fit effectively. The handle is treated with linseed oil to make the wood effect. Easy to replace the handle if needed.

    Chopping Power

    this type of axe is cutting down from small to a large is recommended for cutting edge for limbing or debarking

    • Cut Small to Large Wood
    • Low Weight
    • Come with Traditional Leather Protective Sheath
    • Handle Replaceable
    • Handle Wood may be affected if Linseed is not treated

    Helko Werk Germany Classic Forester

    Brand: Helko Werk

    Model: Germany Classic Forester

    Helko Werk Germany Classic Forester

    Key Features
  • Haft material: American Hickory wood
  • Dimension: 24 x 7 x 1.5 inches
  • Total weight: 3.75 pounds
  • Head weight: 2.5 lbs
  • Head material: c50 high carbon steel
  • Helko Werk is a German hand tool brand that has a great history in forestry tools. Helsper Tool Factory was the first factory that was built in 1844. New partner changed their company name when they had started work as a partner in the 1930s.

    Helko Werk has made many models about axes but here we would discuss the Germany Classic Forester axe model that is similar to the Hults Bruk felling axe in different aspects. This type of axe is used for cutting, felling, and chopping. Different characteristics are mentioned below:

    Weight and Size

    The overall weight of this axe is 3.75 lbs. 2.5 lbs contain the head and 1.25 contains wood-made handle. The length of this axe cover is 24 inches included head and handle.

    Sharpened Steelhead

    Quality of head plays a vital role in cutting. C50 high carbon steel is used for making the polished and sharp head


    Handle length covered with the 24 inches that are made with the American-made hickory. The best thing is that the handle is easily replaceable. Linseed oil increases the handle life

    Chopping Power

    A big handle produces the extra force to clear sapling, limbing branches, and felling the small trees

    • Come with Sheath
    • Head is Polished Steal
    • 1 oz Bottle of Axe-Guard Protective Oil
    • American Hickory Handle
    • Expensive

    Cold Steel All-Purpose Axe

    Brand: Cold Steel

    Model: All-Purpose Axe

    Cold Steel All Purpose

    Key Features
  • Overall length: 27 inches
  • Cutting edge length: 4 inches
  • Overall weight: 44.2 ounces
  • Head Weight: 23.5 ounces
  • Haft material: American Hickory wood
  • Head material: 1055 carbon steel
  • Cold steel is a dedicated company for making the best hand tools and machinery. They are working for forty years ago, but their aim is the same. They want the quality, strength, and reliability of the tools.

    Emergency Services Personnel, Self Defense professionals, Law Enforcement Special units, and the Military adopt the cold steel company for their projects by seeing the professionalism.

    Now we would discuss the well-known and smallest model of the cold steel company. Yes, I’m talking about an all-purpose axe that is used for multiple purposes. While it is not specially designed for felling trees but somehow included in the felling axe list.

    Why do people prefer this axe?

    Two main concerns that people consider it. The first is to use for multiple purposes and the second is very cheaper. It is assessable for every level of people. There are many other characteristics that people consider. Don’t worry, I’m going to tell you

    Weight and size

    The overall length of this axe is 27 inches. Cutting edge length covers 4 inches. This axe carries 44.2 ounces weight with including 23.5 ounces head weight

    Sharpened Steelhead

    1055 carbon steel is used for the head that makes the headstrong and qualitative. This steel remains sharp after applying any sharpener. It also protects from any type of corrosion


    American-based hickory is used for the handle that is replaceable whenever need. Always use linseed oil to maintain the quality of the axe handle

    Chopping power

    As the name mentioned, this axe is not for one purpose axe. This axe can cut, chop, and split the wood. Many professional woodmen especially use it for making the wood. People also carry it during going camping

    • Low Weight
    • Low Price
    • High quality material
    • Without Sheath

    Buyer’s Guide

    How to Choose a Felling Axe

    As I mentioned above, there are some technical aspects that we considered during selecting the best felling axe. Price is the main factor that we consider during selecting the tool according to the requirements.

    We will try to review those products that are under 100 and 200 dollars because these products are easily available for those who do have not enough money to buy the expensive axe. We cannot accurately low prices compare with expensive products because these products are very close according to the appearance and functionality but not exactly the same.

    You will get extra characteristics of inexpensive products, but the low-price products would also fulfill your needs. Material, length, weight, and type of head play an effective role during selection we will explain it below. Length

    The swinging of axe is directly linked with the handle length. Long length produces an effective swing to reach the exact target. By knowing the length, you exactly know how much force is required to cutting down the tree.

    Normally felling axe has a length greater than 30 inches therefore, mostly felling axe is used to felling the tree, but hatches are not recommended due to their low length nonetheless people use it whenever they have nothing long length axe.


    Same as height, weight has also a role to generate the effective force to cutting down the trees and also get surety how much force is required to hit the target. Some raise the question of, head weight plays a role or handles the weight but the answer is that each point has equal importance regarding the weight.

    Normally head has less weight than the handle but the average axe weight weighs very from 3 lbs to 5 lbs. Some people considered that this axe is overweight, but the reality is different. Those people think who has less experience in this field and want to cut less tree in a day, but the reality is that this weight produces effective results.

    How is the axe Head made?

    Material has equal importance as same as life needs food for survival. Different material uses for the head and handle according to the requirement. Before starting the topic, there are several questions that raise while discussing the axe material.

    Best Felling Axe For Splitting Down The Trees 2

    Which material is used for handle and head, how to sharpen the axe material, how effective to cut, and how long an edge hold on the blade? Which material is used for the handle?

    How is the axe Handle made?

    Mostly handle of axe made by composite material (fiberglass) or wood. These materials are used according to the requirement. Wood is the best material for the handle because whenever the handle of wood gets break then you can easily replace but if you see composite you can replace the composite handle. If you see the characteristic of the wood handle, is comfortable to use. If you see the composite handle, it is handy and strong but replaceable.

    As we are discussing felling axe, a wood handle is a very effective and best choice for this type of axe. Which material is used for axe head?

    Axe head deals with different materials like steel, iron, and alloy. All type is best for the head making but Its totally depend on requirement and budget. Material plays a vital role in the life of axe because the right protocol for the head increases the life of axe which is key for axe.

    If you take the example of a felling axe, steel is good for making the head because the head needs to be sharp from time to time and heavyweight is ideal for felling the trees.

    Price is also the main factor during selection but if we get the best characteristics in a lower range then it is like a miracle because people don’t know where they can buy the best characteristic tool at a low price.


    Playing with hand tool is very hard work but playing very right tool for a right job make the people enjoy. So, selecting the right tool for special work is also a very difficult job because different brands are selling their product online and people don’t know how to rely on brands.

    The ultimate conclusion of these parameters like Quality, money, and safety is the main concern during the selection of axe with different characteristics.

    INTERTOOL Mid-Size Felling Axe is my top pick because of it is quality, easiness, and cheapness. In simple words, people are getting all in the things in simple products. Normally, people got only one to two aspects. This product is easy to handle. Anyone can carry for long distances without any hesitation. The fiberglass handle makes this product more attractive and non-slippery.

    Cold Steel All-Purpose Axe is sure would not disappoint due to its quality. It is my second choice because of its effectiveness. This is an exceptional all-around product. In simple words, this product gives value to our money. It is as same as you pay a small amount but in return get a lot of things.

    No doubt Hults Bruk is the world’s best brand according to their quality included Atran. Hults Bruk Atran’s felling axe should be my first pick according to its quality, weight, and size but money is also the main concern during the selection of the axe. I would always recommend for the professional but unprofessional should go for INTERTOOL Mid-Size Felling Axe and cold steel all-purpose axe.

    1844 Helko Werk is also a well-known German brand that makes a very quality product but here 1844 Helko Werk Classic Germany Forester is my last pick due to its high price. It does not mean; this product is not good. It means this product is the last pick between the four products but overall, this product is very qualitative. Whatever option you go with but always remember you get what you pay for.

    I hope, this blog would help with the product that you are looking for. So, share with family and friends if you consider it informative.

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