Best Throwing Axe for Beginners with Buying Guide

The business of throwing has been getting popular day by day in the past few years. You can also find many axe-throwing leagues and axe-throwing companies taking place in every little town and the city

If you are also interested in axe throwing, you can select from any throwing axes from here. In this post, you will get enough information about the best throwing Axes for beginners with the buying guide

Throwing axe for beginners; The Trending Item

So if you are interested in throwing axes for beginners, you are at the right place. Remember that throwing an axe is considered the trending item nowadays; however, this post is made for you if you have any questions about the axe throwing business

Throwing Axe For Beginner

In this post, you will also learn about five throwing axes you can choose according to your convenience. It is to note that the throwing axes that I will describe are top-rated and highly useful

Favorable for all types of activities

Throwing Axes for beginners is favorable for almost all types of activities. There are many situations in which it comes in handy. You can use throwing axes for chopping wood, outdoor activities, fishing, hunting, gaming, and much more.

So now you have a clear picture and an opportunity to purchase throwing axes. If you want to get the ultimate experience, then you should go for the right product. No worries; this post will assist you in choosing the best one.

Let’s go into the details about throwing axes for beginners

Best Throwing Axe For Beginners

Armory Replicas Throwing Axe

Armory Replicas Throwing Axe 1

Key Features

ColorBlack and orange
Item weight8 ounces
Dimensions12.36 x 5.43 x 1.1 inches

A wide variety of axes can be used for axe throwing. It is possible to find traditional axes with long handles and short blades at the professional level. You can also explore compact axes with an entirely different throw and feel.

A smaller, more tactical axe like this is excellent for practice throwing while hunting or camping in the woods. This axe resembles a sizeable bladed knife in design and feels even though it is an axe. Most surprisingly, it is available in three fantastic colors; now it’s your wish which one you choose.

On the other hand, if you want all 3, you can purchase them in the form of a complete set. It has a tremendous sharp razor and is forged from a solid slab of black-coated stainless steel.

It is also equipped with a heavy saw back design which attracts readers too much. With this type of throwing axe, you can easily take the perfect shot you want, even at a great distance.

Along with a distinctive dash of vibrant colors, the handle is also attractive and colorful. The handle is of orange color made up of nylon cord wrap. This nylon cord wrapping gives a strong and secure grip. Overall, it is equipped with a large finger hole which helps throw accuracy

  • High quality and well made throwing axe
  • Very lightweight, weighing about 8 Ounces
  • A very sharp blade
  • The handle length is very short

SOG Tomahawk Tactical Hatchet

Sog Tomahawk Tactical Hatchet 1

Key Features

BrandSOG Specialty Knives
Item Weight7.1 Ounces
Dimensions7.25 x 1.32 x 12.5 inches

The SOG Survival Tomahawk is an excellent choice if you want a lightweight yet extremely durable throwing axe. It is full tang, meaning that both the axehead and the core of the handle are forged in one piece. 

Axes like this are designed specifically for those who are competitive throwers. The World Axe Throwing League rules cover the weight, handle length, and axe blade as well. You should practice with this axe in competitions if you intend on competing.

If you want to practice at home, you may want to get a sharpening stone and a throwing target. The lightweight design of this axe makes it perfect for professional throwers. This blade is curved to correspond to an intermediate or advanced thrower, making it unique among other blades.

SOG is a US tool and knife company founded in 1986. The throwing axes from this company are very famous due to their high-quality designs. The blades are made up of polished stainless steel for added durability and corrosion control. This throwing axe is designed with an entire sharp 2.5-inch blade.

Most surprisingly, it bites dip on every throw. Moreover, it will also give you a perfect throw even if you are standing long distances. It comes up with a large cutting design where the beard drops low

  • A mini throwing axe with a high-quality steel blade
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to hold
  • Outdoor survival hatchet with sheath
  • The quality of the handle could be considered

Iunio Survival Axe

Iunio Survival Axe 1

Key Features

Item Weight1.99 Pounds
Dimensions16.93×5.5 x 1.1 inches

This is considered to be the best throwing axe regarding its several uses in one survival axe. It can serve many purposes, such as preparing to kindle, splitting small logs, and much more. 

You will be surprised to know that this multi-purpose tool is used for engraving, starting fires, wilderness navigation, breaking glass windows, etc. It is so perfect throwing axe that you do not have to be an expert survivalist.

In other words, it benefits you in many ways. It is designed so perfectly that the ax can be easily assembled and disassembled. The axe can also be partially assembled to become a short axe.

This short-size throwing axe is perfect when you are using it in a close and compact situation. In the fully assembled form, you can use it for regular use. 

  • A survival multi-tool
  • Comes up with a great gift idea
  • Best for camping and hiking
  • Very lightweight, weighing about 1.9 pounds
  • The quality of the throwing axe could be improved

CRKT Woods Nobo Tomahawk Axe

Crkt Woods Nobo Tomahawk

Key Features

BrandColumbia River Knife & Tool
ColorBearded Axe
Item Weight0.62 Pounds
Dimensions19.13 x 5.72 x 1.51 inches

When it comes to beginners who will be throwing more outdoors than indoors, an ax is preferred. You will become more precise with your tosses by using the longer handle and the smaller axe blade.

It shouldn’t be difficult to learn to throw other axes of diverse sizes and compositions if you can learn to throw this axe accurately. It is made of hickory and handcrafted in Chatanooga, Tennessee, for superb durability and sharpness.

The blade is hot-forged from 1055 carbon steel for a long-lasting blade. There are three different styles available, including one with a spiked blade and one with a hammerhead

  • Multi-purpose toilet
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Made up of high-quality wood
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Some people think that the handle of the axe is 30 long

Gerber Pack Hatchet Camping Axe

Gerber Pack Hatchet Camping Axe 1

Key Features

BrandGerber Gear
ColorCoyote Brown/Black
Item Weight1.3 Pounds
Dimensions3.5 x 1 x 9.46 inches

You can’t get much better than this for a compact hatchet. My favorite Gerber product has always been this little guy; he pumps me up. The device is small and light enough to not notice, but it is very powerful.

Although it may seem a little small for some, it can easily be carried in a cargo pocket if needed. It has enough sharpness and weight to cut through trees with trunk diameters of several inches.

When you need to control the blade, the finger notches in the handle give you great control, and the rubber grip gives you confidence and shock absorption.

In the end, there is a lanyard loop that I love. Make sure you wrap your wrist with a parachute cord to ensure safety. A handle knob is similar to the lanyard loop on most larger axes, as it protrudes from the handle

  • Razor shark handle
  • Easy to transport
  • Full tank construction
  • High quality throwing axe
  • Some people think that the handle of the axe is very short

Buying Guide

How to choose our throwing axe?

Before going towards axe throwing, make sure that you have purchased the right axe according to your expertise. You should keep in mind essential features while buying throwing axes.

Along with your expertise level, you must also concentrate on the purpose of using it, such as whether you are using it for sports, protection, or competition.

Reliable brand

Before purchasing the throwing axe, make sure that it comes from a reliable brand. If you choose the right brand, then ultimately, you are half done.

Make sure that the particular brand has many positive customer reviews with years of experience in the market.


Usually, throwing axes come with some accessories. However, at least one accessory should be present in it. This accessory is a blade sharpener or a travel pouch. The Blade sharpener will help you in sharpening your axe.

On the other hand, the travel pouch will ensure safe portability. Any accessory present with the throwing axe will add value to your purchase.

Removable head

Some people always prefer an axe with a removable head because it is more travel-friendly. So you can easily carry the particular axe with you anywhere you want. Just remove the head and put it separately when you want to carry the throwing axe with you. Now carry it in your travel bag easily.

Thinner blade

As you are going to purchase the throwing axe, make sure that it comes with an inner blade. The main intention of the throwing axe is penetration rather than getting stuck in the wood. Therefore, you must look for a blade that is sharp rather than a dull or bulky blade.

Shockproof Handle

For a good user experience, it is necessary to go for high quality, durable, and shockproof handle. The handle should give you the perfect grip so that it can reach the right target. It must be appropriate in size and should not be flimsy. If the handle is bigger, it will hinder your throw.

What axes are suitable for throwing?

On the market, many types of throwing axes are available. Some are favorable for you, and some are not. This is because you have your own choices.

Whenever you think of purchasing throwing axes, make sure that you have checked the durability and quality. Also, pay more attention to potential brands because they will give you quality.

It is to know that you are also paying attention to its portable construction. It should be lightweight so that you can use it for fun. The most reliable brands of throwing axes are Gransfors, SOG Tomahawk, Estwing Camper, etc.

Are throwing axes effective?

Although most throwing axes are effective, it usually depends on the user’s scale. We all know very well that an axe is an old tool, and people have been using it for ages. So the people who are already using throwing axes know very well about potential skills to use them.

Using throwing axes is considered a great hobby that helps sharpen your gun using techniques and archery. The good thing about throwing axes is that they are affordable as compared to guns and arrows.

They are very easy and straightforward to use as well as a great way of having fun. You will come across simple throwing axes on one side, but you also know about lumberjack axes thicker on the edges on the other side.

Keep in mind that lumberjack axes are very good at withstanding the pressure and impact of being thrown against the tree. But sometimes, people do not prefer heavier and thicker axes as they feel difficulty in throwing.

But some experienced people know how to use a lumberjack’s axes. However, if we talk about the battle axes, then it is more susceptible to lose its edges, especially if you are using them for cutting trees and timber.

Therefore, now you have a better idea that every axe is made for its particular purpose. It is good when you are using throwing axes for the intended purposes. In this way, you can easily enjoy the sport and also avoid risks at the same time.


Is axe throwing fun?

Axe throwing is considered an old sport, but now it is gaining popularity day by day. Axe throwing is now taken as a passionate sport. Make sure that you are doing it in a controlled environment with your coach to guide you at every step. So axe throwing is a fantastic game, but if you are doing it in a controlled condition

Is it difficult to throw an axe?

As we all know, axe throwing is the finest support, so be careful when playing it. Do not throw it hard because it does not take much power to stick it in the target. When you are throwing an axe at your target, remember to release it at a high level. So it should be straight ahead of you

Why is axe throwing popular?

Axe throwing is getting popular day by day, not among teenagers but people of all ages. The reason is that it is a fantastic and highly fast-paced game. Many people like axe throwing because it is considered to be a very enjoyable sport.
While playing the game, you will also become a shooting expert. The game is more exciting when you are playing it in a group where competition matters a lot.

What size throwing axe do I need?

The size of the throwing axe matters a lot as it is to be wisely selected. Unfortunately, you will not perform to your desired level if you choose the wrong size throwing axe. Therefore, it is very necessary to choose the right size throwing axe according to your level of proficiency.

What should be the size of the throwing axe for beginners?

You should purchase the smallest size throwing axe if you are a beginner. The smallest size throwing axe is also called a mouse axe.

What should be the size of the throwing axe for intermediates?

Now you have learned axe throwing a lot and want to upgrade to a higher level. This is the point where you are called an intermediate player. For the intermediate axe thrower, it is good to go with a medium-size throwing axe. However, on the other side, you should choose your level of expertise and select the axe accordingly.


All the throwing axes described above are top battle throwing axes. Make sure that you are purchasing throwing axes with great functionality and durability. Also, keep in mind your purpose and nature of use before purchasing it.

Although appearance also matters, make sure that you value grip, quality, design, and portability. In this post, I have described 25 amazing top-rated best throwing axe for beginners. Now it’s your choice which one you want according to your choice and convenience.

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