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Felling axe is the type of axe which is considered a hand tool. Most people use these tools, but they don’t even know the exact name and the function of that tool because hand tools have many similarities in their appearance and function.

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If I take an example of myself, when I was a kid, I go to the field with my grandfather. He worked with many other workers. They used one word for many tools and also took many functions from one tool as same as myself also repeated same practices for a long time until I took admission in agriculture university and got valuable knowledge regarding tools, technology, and agriculture practices.

Many questions come to mind regarding this axe

What is a felling axe?

This is the type of axe which is made by the best iron with a sharp, flat and thin blade. Most people also consider it an “American axe” because of its origin from America. but now day’s, different countries are making different felling axe concerning design, handle shape and blade pattern but an ultimate function of this axe is the same Like, you find different tools with the same name, different price, and quality in the same place but the ultimate goal of this tool would be the same

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Felling Axe

How to use a felling axe?

A felling axe is the type of axe that is specially designed for chopping and felling the branches of trees. The young tree is also ideal for this tool, but a large and hardwood tree is not ideal for using this tool. This axe would be stuck during splitting the large healthy tree and hardwood due to the thin blade. A thin head is ideal in this type of axe for cutting but a thick head produces many problems like It would not be able to cut properly and effectively. Applying the perpendicular forces with this tool produces effective results

What should have the quality of the felling axe?

This axe is easy to use due to its lightweight head and handle with 2 pounds to 4 pounds and 0.5 to 1 pound. The head sits on the corner of a large curved handle. This large curved handle produces a powerful swing to cut and chopping the branches effectively

Which wood is good for the felling axe handle?

Mostly axe handle is made from the American hickory wood because of its flexibility and strengthens. Handles do not get a break during cutting due to both combination strengthens and flexibility. In addition, Swing on the handle would be applied in any direction like diagonal, perpendicular, side by side, etc.

Applying the perpendicular forces with this tool produces the best results on chopping the branches and softwood but sideway swing on axe produces an effective result during cutting and felling of young trees


In addition, a sharpener also plays an important role in the maintenance of the axe or any other tool because it is like the fuel of any tool otherwise tool gets dull and does not work properly.

As you know, fuel is very important to work any machinery properly otherwise, every machinery gets stuck without fuel. Timely sharpening increases the life of any tool

Cleaning and safety of axe reduce the many problems. Proper cleaning should apply after working otherwise rust would lead to and decrease the life of this tool. Proper oil should apply for doing tunning on a weekly or monthly basis. Every tool included the felling axe should have a proper place and be easy to access

How long should an ideal felling axe?

Ax with a long handle, you have to generate more force to swing. An ideal felling ax has a long handle; around 30 inches in length. Maules are even long almost 40 inches but require more energy. Felling axes are made to take down small and large trees

How to protect yourself while using an axe?

Take a strong grip; give some rest to your arms when you become tired. Cover your ax handle with a sheath, and don’t use an ax handle that has a ground surface. Remember one thing, if others are around, warn them and fall the tree in the direction you want

What is a custom felling axe?

Custom axes are those people who prepare it on order. Different people have own demand but therefore they request to shop or company for changing the axe according to their own. It means if anyone wants the low weight in the same mode they would change the handle or head weight according to their request

What is bearded felling axe?

The bearded axe is considered a 6th-century tool that is used as a weapon. Some shopkeepers modified the felling axe with the bearded axe then people. The curve indicates a sign of a bearded axe on the below portion of axe handle

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