Felling Axe vs Splitting and Forest Axe

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Different people have different purposes to buy the axe that’s why various types are available in the market.

People use an axe for comping, for cutting small wood for home purposes, for cutting the big log to export, for fun, and as a showpiece.

Every need decides to the people which axe is for them. Most people take wrong decisions because of lack of knowledge, less research, and rely on unauthentic research blogs.

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Right after buying, they think, it is the world’s best decision but, sooner or later, they concluded that they need something else for this work.

This type of wrong decision increase one more showpiece in their houses.

Some people hang their wrong decision on the wall to feel regret and try to take knowledge before taking a decision.

But other people think house owners buy it only for a showpiece to increase the beauty of the house. The right decision saves money and time to waste.

Try to take the right decision because axe collection works during a fight with girlfriends and wives.

Knowing what actually purpose do you have. So, try to take knowledge according to their needs. I’m writing some points below for better guideless for felling axe vs splitting axe and felling axe vs forest axe. 

The Felling Axes


This is the most common tool of every house and is also popular with the name of the American axe.

This axe has a sharp blade to chop the wood and branches of trees. The demand for this axe is going to reduce due to the invention of many other pieces of machinery like a chain saw.

Is this axe is good for every type of wood

A big no, because due to its sharp blade, it gets stuck during splitting the wood

Parts of this Felling Axe

EyeThe hole in a head portion where the handle comes outside
ThroatJust above the Throat
BellyMedium part of the handle or just above the throat
KnobJust end part of the handle like opposite of head portion
ShoulderThe point where the head portion get fixed
ButtOpposite part blade
BitBlade of Axe
HeelLower Corner of head blade
ToeUpper Corner of head blade
CheekThe middle portion of the Axe head

The Splitting Axe

Different types of this axe are available in the market because of people’s demand and country evolution but the ultimate goal of every splitting axe is the same.

This is designed to split the wood into small pieces which are easy to manage, but Almost of force is required to cut effectively you can say it simply is different from another axe in terms of appearance and function

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Felling Axe vs Splitting Axe

Both axes are the player of the big game. People take equal work from both axes according to their requirements.

Felling, chopping tree and splitting wood is the main purpose of both axes. You can say the ultimate goal is to deal with the wood and trees.

In contrast with functionality, differentiation is also found in appearance.

If we take the example of the handle, the felling axe is long enough with the range up to 35 to 40 inches according to their types.

A smooth curve is found to produce an effective swing and reduce the force.

Felling axe is designed to drop medium trees as well as cutting young and medium trees.

The weight of this axe varies up to 6 to 7 pounds with a head range of 7 to 8 inches. Pole extended from the curved handle is observed in this axe with a range up to 2 to 3 inches.

Fine skill is required to swing this axe and to hit the right target. Otherwise, this axe gets stuck in wood by applying the inexperienced person. Use by the right person increase the life of this axe.

The splitting axe is also long with a heavyweight. The length of this varies up to 32 to 36 inches but with the exact straight handle, a little bit curve is found from the top and bottom of the handle.

Pole extended from the handle is 0.3 to 0.7 inches. The head is much heavier with the broad butt and wedge-shaped. The weight of the overall axe is approximately 7 lbs.

This axe is designed to rive along the grain of the wood to disrupt the fibers separately, not cut them. Wood is pushing back due to the lack of sharpness as compared to the other axes.

This axe is more difficult to use that’s why not recommended for beginners

Forest axe

As the name showed, a forest axe is used in the forest to cut everything from the trees and any big logs. It did not fell large and healthy trees but was effective for the small and medium types of trees.

Different sizes of handles and ranges of the head are available in the market. Due to its working, it resembles the felling axe but dissimilarities are also found

Forest Axe

Felling Axe vs Forest Axe

Felling axe has been discussed in detail therefore, we would only discuss forest axe.

This axe is also long enough to easily grip. The curved handle produces an effective swing to hit the required target.

Pole extended is observed from the curved handle with the range of 0.5 to 1.5 inches. The corner of the head is round.

The main purpose of this axe is to the grain of the wood fibre but professional fisherman, forester, hiker and hunters designed their forest axe according to their requirements.

As we have discussed every aspect of the above-mentioned axes. Choosing an axe is a very big deal because your need tells you which of types axe do you need

Professional looks at three aspects mainly are balance, size, and alignment.


Like if you are a hunter or hiker, you need a backpacking axe For that person, a small size axe is required in simple word length is needed according to their requirements.


Balance is a very important factor for choosing the best axe. Put axe in your palm and fold your thumb over the axe handle, then swing the axe to the target, if you feel comfortable then it is good to use.

Head alignment

This aspect is very important to reduce injury and effective work. Check the alignment of the head with the axe and then try to swing against the target.


Your need relies on choosing the axe like you know how much burden you have.

If you want to cut large quantiles of the tree, you have to go with the forest axe but if you want to go camping then splitting the axe is a good choice.

If you want to go for a felling tree, a best felling axe is a good choice because it has a large curved handle to swing easily by applying less force. Most felling axe are very expensive but you can also get the best felling axe on low price on amazon

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