Gransfors Bruks American Felling Axe with 31″ and 35″

Different tools are available in the market for different purposes. It would be easy for everyone to choose the most accurate thing for the right job. Like Knife is using for cutting, but if you are dealing with wood you have to choose an axe

Choosing the right brand is the main thing as you know different brands are working and marketing in a very good manner. People can easily deceive by any brand because someone said that “Every shiny thing is not gold”.

There are many best axes are available in the market but here we would discuss a very good and beautiful woodcutting axe.

Gränsfors Bruks American Felling Axe

Gransfors bruks is a Swedish well-known company that has a great history about Hand making tools. This company has been built 100 years ago to make the best handcraft. Different owners came and go but still, they are believing in quality.

As Gransfors bruks has many other products but here we would discuss the well-known product  Gränsfors Bruks American Felling Axe. Some people only calling it American felling axe.

This American felling axe is a professional axe for those who went for cutting the wood in traditional and professional ways. This axe is very ideal for cutting wood in the forest due to its weight and length.


Total Weight: 5.3 lb 
Head Weight: 3.3 lb
Length with handle: 35 inches
Handle: American Hickory
Steel: Hand forged Swedish high carbon steel
Country of origin: Sweeden
Retail Price: $280 – $315 
Comes with a Vegetable-tanned leather sheath

American Felling Axe Head

Like many other tools head, Axe head has same important as man need oxygen for life. Because with the best head, axe can perform well otherwise force would go wasted.

Head material

Head of American axe is made from the best quality steel that prevents from any corrosion

Head size

The head of axe covers with 7 inches which included 4 ½ inches cutting edge, 3 ½ inches ears that go down, and  2 ¾ inches pole long and 1 inch wide

Head weight

3.3 pounds is the head weight which is almost half of the total weight of axe.

Head sharpness

Head sharpening on the edge is the key point for cutting the wood. Sharped edges produce extra effectiveness and reduce the force of the people

Head sharp retention

Edge sharpening retention is very excellent but if you have any issues there are many other sharpeners is available in the market that sharp the edge effectively

Head uses

The axe head has a thicker head as compared to the other. As you know thinner heads perform well and split the wood into pieces speedily but this thick head works for heavy trees and get the job done faster

Handle and head attachment

One thing you observed is that head is well fitted with the handle because metal is well fixed tightly with the hickory handle. Perfect cutting of the wood edge gives extra fixation to the handle


Best steel is used

Sharpe edge

Well fitted hole in the head


If the proper care does not happen then the head would be covered by the rust

Heavy in weight

Handle of an American felling axe

Different types of handles are available in the market but two types are very famous. The first is wood handle and the second is fiberglass. Fiber is fixed unable to replace but the wood handle is easy to replace

Types of American handle

There are three variations are available in the market. 2 curved handles and one straight handle with 31 inches on one head.

Length of handle

Two curved handles with the variation of 32- 35 inches and one straight handle with 31 inches fix tightly with the carbon steel made head

Weight of handle

The weight of the handle is less than the head of axe. The weight of the handle is 2 lbs

Material of handle

Wooden handle use for the American axes. American hickory is using for making the wooden handle.

Why linseed oil use

Linseed oil produce a yellowish finish on the handle and also increase the life of wood

How do we decide it branded?

The company logo is stamped on the handle of the axe which indicates an original product of the company

Do we use gloves?

We should always use gloves axe working. Handle does not make any infection but we should be aware

Handle orientation

The handle is well balanced and aligned for the fixation. The aim does not miss at the during targeting


Long handle

extra chopping power


Not easily transportable

Not backpack

Prices of American felling axe

Prices play an important role during the selection of axes. Sometimes people leave the products due to the price but do not care about the quality. Some people care about quality and do not care the money. Professional people look quality product because they use it throughout the life and work effectively.


They are many competitors are present in the market with the name of axe. Only one brand compare this axe whose name is Hukts bruks

If we see the prices of both products you would see almost the same in prices.

In simple words, Money speaks itself it is a worthy product

Excellence of company

 20-year guarantee
Great resale value in these axes

Uses of an American felling axe

This is a heavy axe as compared to the scandinavian forest axe. This axe use where there is hardwood and is not easy to break. But this axe breaks the wood easily.

Lengthy handle produces extra power for cutting and this length suits only tall men.

A short man should choose another small size axes but if you are dealing with large and heavy trees you have to work with an American felling axe.

Selection of straight or curved handle is just word because everyone has own choose. Some people feel good with a straight handle and some curved handles.

People who love curve handle give many cons about straight handle. people who love straight handle give many cons about curved handle.


In my point of view, this is the best axe if you are looking for professional work, not for money. Size and type of handle are just like and dislike of the people.

I tried my best to give you the best knowledge about the Gränsfors Bruks American Felling Axe . if you like it then share it with friends and family.

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