How Much Does Axe Throwing Cost?

There are a lot of things that can be thrown, but axes are not something that you would throw around on a regular basis.

That’s why they have their own separate disciplines, and there’s even an association to help promote the activities.

There is a lot of popularity for axe throwing nowadays. First of all, it is a sport and, secondly, it is a form of entertainment.

You can find different places that offer this service for their customers because there are many factors that can affect the price of axe throwing.

The prices vary greatly like Most axe throwing facilities charge between $15 and $25 per person with two to three hours session.

So, it is important to know how much does axe throwing cost in order to make a good choice when it comes to choosing the right place.

This article will show you what factors influence the axe throwing prices, and how to choose the right place for your needs at the best

How Much is Axe Throwing Per Person At The Time of Advance Booking

Axe throwing prices are for per hour per session

1–3 people = $14.00-25.00/person

4–7 people = $11.00-22.00/person

8+ people = $9.00-18.00/person

How Much Is Axe Throwing Walk-In Per Person Per Session

Walk-in sessions are available to all members. The cost for walk-in sessions varies by location and is limited in availability, so please call ahead or check the online schedule before your visit.

Demand may be high when public walk-ins are offered, so we recommend checking the session calendar on a day you’re looking to attend if possible.

If you really want to go then-No previous experience is necessary just go with a competitive mind. Reach 10 minutes prior to start time.

Axe throwing prices depends if seats are available

1–3 people = $25.00-40.00/person

4–7 people = $30.00-45.00/person

8+ people = $15.00-35.00/person

How Much Is Axe Throwing For Private Event

For starters, it is a great social activity. You can go out with your friends, and get a little competitive while enjoying some downtime.

As long as you have enough people to split the cost, it won’t break the bank to have some fun

There are many different options for axe throwing, from smaller private events to large public events

Axe throwing prices depends if seats are confirmed

$20.00-40.00/2.00 hours private event

$45.00-55.00/3.00 hours private event

$60.00-80.00/4.00 hours private event

How Much Is Axe Throwing League Cost

Axe throwing leagues have been popping up all over the world. There are also many axe throwing experts and enthusiasts who have been practicing for years

As with any type of sport, you can participate in axe throwing at different levels. The highest level is professional, which is participated in the world championship.

There are also a number of high-level tournaments, which can cost over $10,000 in participation fees. This level requires a great deal of training and serious commitment

But you are looking for below-level leagues the Average cost is $30-80/month depending on how much the league is long.

If you subscribe annually for $350 – 850/ year, then you can join every league of year.  You’ll have a ton of fun and meet some awesome people at leagues to boost the skill. Mostly these leagues conduct on different clubs

If you are talking about professional and near to professional league ax-throwing costs then

Professional league Cost = $10,000.00

2nd level league cost=$850.00

3rd level league cost=$350.00

The Axe Throwing Place

Axe throwing clubs can be found in many different locations. You can find them at the outskirts of cities, in the middle of forests, and even on top of mountains.

Some people enjoy throwing axes at targets while others prefer to go head-to-head with other axe throwers.

There are many places like bars, clubs, and special places where people come to throw an axe for enjoyment or special leagues.

Firstly, find your local axe throwing club where you can go easily. If you want to especially then I would recommend some well-known axe throwing places are

  • Badaxethrowing
  • Totalaxe
  • Axethrowingphx
  • Theduelingaxes
  • Extremeaxe
  • Throwhouse

Different branches are available on the area for the people feasibility

Did places offer food?

Mostly places do not give any relaxation in terms of food. People have to pay for every single bit and sip.

If you avail birthday event or any other offers, then many clubs or bars give you some food without any cost

Frequently Asked Questions

How to find a place to axe throw?

If you are looking for a place where you can enjoy an afternoon of axe throwing, the best way to find one is by searching for it on Google Maps. There are many websites that offer this service and they can be found easily.

Where to find Axe Throwing Tournaments

There are many places where you can find an axe throwing tournament near you. You can browse through websites such as Axe Throwing World Tour and find a local event, or you could go to your local sporting goods store and ask if they have an axe throwing league that you can join.

Where can you find axe throwing near me?

The first place you should check is your local park. Parks usually have a section of land set aside for sports and leisure activities, which includes axe throwing. If you don’t find a park nearby, try searching for local axe throwing clubs or leagues. You can also check online to see if there are any places in your area that offer the activity.

How to find the best axe throwing club?

You can start by doing a Google search for “axe throwing clubs”. This will bring up many results that are related to axe throwing clubs in your area. You can also use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to find out which ones are popular among their users.

Can people bring their foods to Axe throwing club?

No, A big no to bring food but you can bring brithday cake. All other things you want to eat, you have to buy it from inside the club

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