There is no doubt that axe throwing is one of the most popular recreational activities in the entire world. But there are some questions that have been asked for centuries

Is axe throwing safe? Is it dangerous? How to prevent axe throwing injuries while playing this popular sport.

Fear of getting hurt while playing a sport is common and often keeps people away from taking advantage of the physical fitness benefits that come with different sports.

Is axe throwing safe?

The truth is that Axe throwing is definitely safe activity if you are aware of a few crucial safety rules. However, danger looms if you don’t follow these rules.

But if you choose the wrong axe, throw it badly, or don’t clear a bouncing path, you are sure to get hurt. As for the throwing range in some videos, it was very poorly run.

The operators should not have allowed rubber handle axes on that range since they can bounce easily.

How safe is axe throwing?

Ahh, axe throwing. How much fun do you think that would be? Well, I’m here to tell you exactly how safe or unsafe it can be.

Choosing an axe throwing location

Choosing a location is a tough one. Personally, I like to stay indoors when throwing axes because it is quite safe

But I understand some situations call for an outdoor axe throwing location Because some tournaments happen as an outdoor game

Floor for throwing axe

The floor should be protective for the throwing axes. A combination of mats should be used to overcome the bounce back against the throwing ax as well as slippery for throwers.  

One axe per lane

As per safety recommendations, there should be one ax per lane. It’s like when you’re walking down the lane ready to throw your axe and no one is behind you getting ready for their turn.

Some axe throwing locations is spread out over three lanes, with the first lane having two axes and the following lanes containing only one axe. There are pros and cons to each configuration of axes.

Bounce back Issue

Improve the axe in order to improve the throw. Axe should be not so easy to fall off the target as a small effort to throw a hatchet.

The handle of the hatchet is made of high-strength plastic, but not too slippery, which enables people to get better control when throwing hatchets (axe).

The target would not be so hard to throw back the axe on the thrower but also not sticky to damage the whole target board  

Is axe throwing dangerous?

Yes, Axe-throwing can be harmful if you’re using a blunt axe head without a handle.

All in all, if it’s done correctly with a specially designed, sharp axe head and done under the supervision of trained professionals, It’s not that dangerous.

But if you don’t follow procedures or treat it as just a joke and get careless maybe you would have some unfortunate injuries.

As long as the people involved in this sport carefully follow safe procedures and play by the rules, then they should incur no harm.

How dangerous is axe throwing?

If you don’t follow the below mentioned different factors them axe throwing would be dangerous for the people

Terms of Axe throwing game

Calling every word for axe throwing tools are different in different places. Newcomers don’t get memories of these terms at the start and face problems.

People don’t know the terms, they ignore the different rules that cause very dangerous for axe throwing players.

Rules of the games

People follow the world throwing league rules. Because they think it is the most legit in the world.

These rules are very effective for people to stay away from any dangers while playing axe throw.

Different rules are used in ax throwing games. If you don’t know about terms that you are using in-game during axe throwing, then it would be dangerous. Because terms are made only for

Rules of the place

Different organizations and clubs are working to play throwing axe for people. They also conduct different tournaments, but many people get confused because every organization has its own rules.

You should know all rules before entry in any axe throwing organization otherwise throwing ax would be dangerous while playing

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